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What care is needed concrete laid in the winter?

  from 01.08.2011 14:53

Q: How do I care for concrete, laid in freezing temperatures? Igor.     leave a reply

 from 01.08.2011 14:53

Answer: The concrete mixture when laying the formwork must be heated to at least +5 ° C. Lay a concrete mix need to quickly and stagnation. Formwork must be carefully warmed, and after concreting need to warm and the upper part. Keep in mind that hardening cement generates heat and in many cases the amount of heat is sufficient to cool concrete during acquired the necessary strength. This strength allows you to shoot with formwork design, no longer afraid of freezing.
However, this method is applicable only during the concreting of massive structures as thin-walled structures very quickly cooled. On thin-walled structures need to use artificial heating of concrete electric current, in conjunction with insulation formwork.