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What is the class and grade of concrete?

  from 01.08.2011 14:25

Q: I would like to get more information and class stamp concrete? Arkady.     leave a reply

 from 01.08.2011 14:26

A: Concrete grade primarily determines the limit of its compressive strength. In the construction of the most commonly used brands such concrete, such as: M50, M75, M100, M150, M200 concrete , concrete, M250, M350, M400, M450, M550, M600, MbOO, M700, M800. Class of concrete is considered to be a numerical characteristic of - or the properties to be considered a guaranteed security 0.95. What does this mean? This means that the assigned property class provided not less than 95 out of 100 cases, and only in 5 cases, you can expect it to be implemented. From this concrete are divided into classes: B1, B1, 5 B2, B2, 5 B3, 5, B5, B7, 5, B10, V12.5, V15, B20, B25, BSO, B40, V45, V50; V55, B60.