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Additives for mortar

Coloring additives for mortar made of the pigments of natural or man-made.This may be a chromium oxide, iron ocher and t.d.Of white pigments used are the most lime, marble powder, white cement.

Placeholder:/ / / list / Rastvor-i-beton / Izvestkovyi-rastvor.html "> cement mortars are quartz sand or stone chippings, which is obtained by adding rocks.Also use a ceramic, glass, coal, colorful plastic crumb particle size 2.5 mm.In that case, if you want to get a shiny surface, the composition of the solution injected mica or crushed glass.

Building solutions for the automated manufacture of mortar factories.From there they are delivered to the object in the form of compounds.At a distance from the construction site of the plant, it is better to use dry mix, which shuts the water at the site of works.Dry mixes should have moisture content not exceeding 1% by weight.The dry mixture is delivered to the packaging, which completely excluded the possibility of moisture.

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