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Tensile strength solutions

The ultimate strength in compression solutions adopted to determine through the use of samples.The length of the edges of the samples should be 7.07 cm.
These controls were created in the forms without a bottom, which is set on a brick.Water absorption of bricks must be within 10.15% by weight, moisture content not exceeding 2%.Samples must be stored under the same conditions in which it operates itself a solution.

On the compressive strength:/ / "> the solution adopted to divide the following brands:4, 10, 25, 50, 75,100,150 and 200.Frost resistance of the solution depends on the properties of raw materials, their characteristics and relationships formed during solidification structure of a solution.

The type and composition of the mortar is mainly dependent on the design stresses and operating conditions of masonry.If masonry construction is above ground and has a small voltage, it is necessary it must be run on solutions that are cheap.Mobility solution (immersion depth of the cone, cm) should be selected taking into account the purpose of the solution.

If the clutch is made of regularly shaped stones, the main value here will have no mark of the solution, and the strength of stones.Therefore, in this case should not be hard to pick a solution.

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