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Properties of the solution

For manufacturing solutions using a special cement.Of inorganic plasticizers by far the most frequently used lime and clay,.In the mixture injected 30.200% by weight of cement additives.Organic plasticizers (surface-active substances) introduced into the solution of of cement weight.

Accordingly, the production of mortar with organic plasticizers as compared to inorganic leaves less material.In addition, surface-active substances improve specifications solidified solutions.This reduction in water absorption and shrinkage, increased hardiness.

Caked:/ / / list / Rastvor-i-beton / Izvestkovyi-rastvor.html "> grout should have the properties that will ensure his good work during the lifetime of the object.It must be of such quality features as the compressive strength and frost resistance.

In finishing solutions to the defining conditions include joint work finishing layer and the base.The main important requirement for such solutions include:adhesion to the base and low shrinkage, which prevents unwanted cracking in finishing.

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