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Workability of the solution

Workability is an important feature of the solution.First of all, this property is characterized by the ability of the solution distributed under a thin layer, while maintaining uniformity.Keep in mind that items will be securely fastened with a solution only if the solution is uniformly fills all the bumps and roughness of the base.

Neudoboukladyvaemy:/ / / list / Rastvor-i-beton / "> solution in contact with the ground only partially, thus reducing the strength of masonry in 1.5.2 times.When applied repeatedly neudoboukladyvaemyh deteriorating masonry and resistance of physical-chemical environment influence.
Workability of solutions adopted by such indicators to assess how:mobility and vodosohranyaemost.

The mobility of the solution is determined in the laboratory or at the construction site on the depth of immersion (h, cm) standard cone metal mass of 300 g.The mobility of the chosen destination, taking into account the solution and the method of production.

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