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A solution of M-150

A solution of M-150 is used for plastering and masonry work, as well as to create a floor screed.
There is no gravel or other coarse aggregate, and contains much more sand and cement in the concrete than the M-150.

Same:/ / "> m-150 solution can be called:cement, mortar, masonry, plaster.

This solution was created from the binding ve ¬;societies, small aggregates and water.However, it should be noted that the consumption of binder in solution is significantly higher than in concrete.The reason for this is that in the concrete but also contained small and large aggregates.Apply mortar to the masonry and stuff ¬;Turks.

Mortars and concrete hardening occurs in various conditions.This is due to the fact that the thickness of the masonry joints and layers of plaster are considerably lower than that of concrete structures.Solutions, mainly laid on the porous base, which can suck water.

Clay in the solution of M-150:
The clay is introduced into the solution in an amount to no more than the amount of binder.Due to increased water-holding capacity of clay mortar.Repeatedly improves the workability and the density increases.Workability of solutions can also be improved by the introduction of their surface-active organic additives.

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