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Environmental influences on properties of concrete

Indicators of the properties of concrete primarily depends on the conditions of its solidification.The device is a concrete structure & mdash;is primarily a complex process and should provide that any lost production at work factor can have a decisive influence on the quality of concrete.I must say that the search for measures to ensure the best conditions for curing, depending on the nature of the external environment, it is necessary to emphasize the importance.This is necessary not least because the properties of hardened concrete are resistant improvement.

It is also important properties of concrete such as water-resistant and frost can successfully create a purposeful change in the conditions of hardening.

Strong influence on the hardening:/ / / list / Rastvor-i-beton / "> concrete have temperature and humidity of the environment.Since the humidity forecast is much less reliable prediction of the temperature, operative in the choice of solutions in most cases, focused only on the last factor.In addition, virtually any humidity concrete loses moisture.This factor has a negative effect on its properties.Therefore, the organization of care, to include activities that will prevent moisture loss.

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