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How to make yourself concrete

- First you need to decide on the appointment of the future of concrete and the percentage of components in it:cement, gravel, sand and water.Therefore, for this right thing to get acquainted with prescription preparation of the concrete general-purpose, concrete or concrete for the foundations for the device garden paths.

- You must first put the sand into a mixing container (preferably in a wheelbarrow), make it deeper and pour cement.All carefully peremeshayt.When the mixture becomes uniform in color, again to make hollow, put it in the gravel and the mix again.

- Then again, you need to do a depression in the mixture and slowly pour into it half the required amount of water.Gradually lowered into the water mixture until completely wet the entire mixture.Promeshat 3-4 and add water until a uniform color and consistency of the mixture.If the concrete is properly prepared, pack and process the surface, it will be reliable and durable. Will serve for years to come.
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