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How to prepare a concrete mix

It should be understood that the manufacture of concrete & ndash;a long and difficult process.First, dispense a prescription laboratory in a dry form required amount of cement and aggregates.After the weighted components of sleep in a concrete mixer and simultaneously fed into the water inside.Mixer set in motion.

The main purpose of mixing & ndash;this is getting out of a homogeneous mixture of granular materials.Mixing time the operator sets in advance. After the raw materials produced:/ / / list / Rastvor-i-beton / "> solution, similar to the heavy liquid.Therefore, freshly made concrete is called a concrete mixture.Only after some time the mixture hardens and turns into stone, and the final strength is even later.This stone and concrete is.

If the mixture is heterogeneous,:/ / / "> concrete is not the same firm in different parts of the design.How do we know the resulting mixture is homogeneous or not? To do this from different places take a few samples in excess of the grain size of the largest aggregate.If all samples have the same constant composition, T.e.the same amount of crushed stone or gravel, sand, cement and water, the concrete mix can be considered homogeneous.

Often have to transport the concrete mix from the mixer to the place of installation, it is very important that the mixture retained its homogeneity, since the transport of the mixture threatens to delamination.Grain aggregate in the concrete mix tend to fall.Established that the delamination will be larger the weaker the bond between mortar and aggregate.Such segregation of concrete mix in transit can be avoided if you continue stirring the mixture while driving in truck mixers.


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