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The use of concrete in the winter time

Is it possible to make concrete to harden in the winter time, it is not heating up? It turns out you can, if you enter into the concrete mix additives & ndash;chemical curing accelerators.Such additives are calcium chloride, ammonium chloride, chlorinated water, as well as aqueous solutions of sodium chloride and hydrochloric acid.

Additives reduce the freezing point of water and accelerate the decomposition of minerals, which are part of the cement.Owing to the action of these additives accelerated the maturation of concrete.Poi use of chemical accelerators of hardening concrete does not require heat or water, no fillers. Therefore, this:/ / / "> concrete called cold.Such concrete harden and acquire strength at low temperatures.However, chlorine compounds cause corrosion of the reinforcement.Therefore, the cold concrete is used only for concrete unreinforced structures, road paving, facing slopes and t.n.In designs that work under dynamic loads (foundations for hammers, pile drivers, and t.n.) Apply a cold concrete is prohibited!

As well as the concrete, manufactured with heating, cold concrete raspalublivayut only after a specified period of hardening.While concrete has reached 50% of its design strength, it must be protected from freezing.

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