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Concrete with heat is not friendly

What if the thermometer above 35 C? As this temperature will affect the curing of concrete?:/ / / "> Concrete is very afraid of the heat, as high-temperature water evaporates from the concrete and stops hardening cement.As a result, in concrete and cracks.At the same time decreases the strength of.In addition, some cements at 35 ° C decomposed;with the strength of cement paste decreases.So when concreting in southern Russia at high positive temperature of the ambient air for normal concrete curing is necessary to maintain the desired humidity and protect the concrete from the surrounding high temperature.

While the temperature does not exceed 20 & ndash;25 ° C, the concrete is only necessary moisture.Therefore, in the first two weeks after laying it watered and covered by the wind or mat mat.If the sun was baking, the matting and mats to protect from excessive heat.

If the air temperature rises above 35 C, it is necessary urgent measures to protect the concrete from the sun.Only then can we ensure normal conditions of hardening and strength to get the set!

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