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What brand of concrete to give preference

Is impossible to imagine the area of \u200b\u200bconstruction without the use of ready-mixed concrete, whether the construction of private cottages and a massive industrial facility.It is important to choose the very concrete grades (classes and types), which fully comply with the requirements and parameters imposed by your building project.

Here are the most popular brands of ready-mixed concrete, each with its own defined characteristics and specific scope.

1.M100.Mark of the lightweight concrete, which is used in the preparation before concreting and reinforcement work in the casting of monolithic slabs or basement tapes.Normally, such a concrete made of lime, granite or gravel ballast.

2.M150.Another brand of easy-mixed concrete used in the preparatory work prior to pouring monolithic slabs.Often it is used in the device ties, foundations for small buildings, garden paths.

3.M200.The popular and versatile material with high strength, which is often used for making screeds flooring, otmostok, sidewalks, foundations, retaining walls, stairways, and t.d.

3.If the project is not available, then the concrete mixture can be chosen on the recommendation of the builders. Or try to figure in this matter.

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