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How to combat the freeze concrete

& Bull;The use of additives in antifreeze concrete.So called PMD.Antifreeze additives prevent the water from freezing and to some extent speed up the process of hardening.In the past, been used for this purpose all the terrible salts, which are loved, over time, eat fixtures.Now they use more benign compounds and drugs.

& Bull;Electric heating of concrete.There are special transformers, electrodes, and elektropodogrevaemye formwork.It's - ideal for winter concrete pouring.But, unfortunately, it is virtually inaccessible to the private developer.Rental, delivery, installation.And most importantly - such a system by eating a few dozen kW of electricity per hour, which immediately puts the electric heating of concrete into the category of unrealistic.What a suburban substation will connect 80 kW transformer.

& Bull;In the event that the average temperature on the street is very low:1-2 degrees, you can simply hide the design of the film.Not the fact that help.Rather, it is - an emergency measure.When they brought and laid concrete, and suddenly got cold at night.Cement hydration process is accompanied by heat.And save this heat can and should be.You can put a gas or diesel gun that blew hot air under shelter.The first days of life of concrete - especially critical and responsible.

In factories and JBI JBK not this kind of problem.Concrete products:piles, concrete foundation blocks with PBS, slabs, road plates - steamed in special cells that can achieve excellent results on the rate of curing.There you heat and moisture. A few hours of steaming, and articles:/ / / list / Rastvor-i-beton / Beton-BSG-M.html "> concrete are gaining strength and has given ready-to-eat.

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