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Causes of deterioration of concrete

& Bull;As a result of dilution with water on-site concrete.This action is a generic sore artisanal superintendents and their wards. Thick:/ / / "> concrete laid heavier than liquid.As they say on the construction site:Add some water, he spill.Do not be kaktegoricheski.Excess water in the concrete mixture is not chemically reacts with the cement (cement takes as much water as they need for hydration).This excess water remains in the concrete in the free form.In the future, it evaporates and dries, and the concrete structure formed voids and pores.They reduce the branding strength of concrete.

& Bull;As a result, the so-called welding of concrete, which most often occurs because of increased time in transit mixer, delayed discharge, hot weather, and t.d.

& Bull;As a result of poor compaction of concrete mix (without installation of vibration).In the unconsolidated concrete mixture contains a significant amount of air.These air pores, voids, sinks, if not eliminated by vibration, can significantly reduce the grade of concrete.

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