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How to check the quality of concrete

For you, the main thing - that brought you:/ / / list / Rastvor-i-beton / "> concrete to conform to the brand that you actually ordered.This can be verified, but not immediately.What is done.

At the time of discharge of concrete, take a sample and cast a couple of cubes of size 10x10x10 cm.or 15h15h15 cm.This can be put together from planks special forms of the desired size.Before you pour concrete into forms, it is desirable to humidify the boxes in order to dry wood does not pick up a lot of moisture from the concrete, thereby adversely affecting the hydration process of cement.Mixture should be flooded with a piece of rebar or proshtykovat something like this:poke into the mix, puree potatoes pounded like that in the stained sample did not form the blank space (shells), came out excess air, and the mixture was tough.You can also compress a mixture of a hammer on the sides of boxes.Molded cubes stored at high temperature (about 20 degrees) and humidity (90%).

After 28 days you can in good conscience bring all this splendor to any independent laboratory.You everything there is a crush and make a verdict - whether concrete or not the claimed mark corresponds.However, do not have to wait 28 days for this, there are intermediate stages of hardening at the age of 3, 7, 14 days.During the first 7 days of concrete is gaining about 70% of the estimated strength (of course under normal temperature) in the damp and cold weather curing time significantly increased.

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