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How to choose the concrete mixer

Concrete mixer is designed for the preparation of mortar, mixing the ingredients at the expense of a rotating drum.Not everyone knows how to choose the concrete mixer.Therefore, the purpose of our present paper is to give you an answer to this question.
To begin with, the domestic cement mixers are used for making small amounts of concrete and:/ / "> mortar of cement, various aggregates and water.In private construction, in most cases it is used for household electric mixer.Choose a mixer is not difficult.

One of the main parameters of any number of mixers is a cooked mixture of.For residential use the best solution is to select the mixer with a capacity ranging from 46 to 130 liters.During construction or repair of a small unit with a tank pick up to 100 liters.A household electrical mixer with a volume of 100-130 liters in the tank is more profitable to use in the construction of small houses and cottages.
When choosing a mixer should be given to the mixing blades.That depends on the quality of mixing blades.Attention is drawn to the size of the blades and their strength.The blades should not bend.

The next option & ndash;Motor Power.Since the engine is one of the most important units of concrete mixers.Electric motor power determines with what loads will handle mixer.
Also, pay attention to the mixers drive.Actuators are belt and gear.Mixer with gear drive a little more expensive than the price, but reliable gearbox than strap.But now replacing the belt does not cause problems.Therefore, the concrete mixer with belt drive more widely available on the market for these instruments.
Choosing a mixer, you should also pay attention to the security of its mechanisms of external influences.Most mixers are double insulated, and the presence of guard engine prevents it from being damaged.

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