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The main rules for working with concrete mixer

Mixer connected to an electrical outlet using a special electric cable that is special plugs and sockets, as virtually all models are sold without power cord.Instead, he hangs the plug on a short leash.

Working household mixer has a periodic character:loading of materials, mixing, unloading, stop.The inclusion of the mixer should be done in an upright position the drum, but after the boot.
Load the drum must be done by hand (shovel, bucket).The first step is pouring the water, etc. - poured cement and gravel is added sequentially (gravel), sand and water balances.If you do not comply with this order, sand or cement accumulate on the walls of the drum, and the mixture will be difficult to mix.

The angle of the drum to the level in the mixing time should be 22-30 degrees. The inclination is closer to the horizon gives the best mix of materials (:/ / / list / Rastvor-i-beton / "> solution), but reduces the volume, and vice versa, increasing the angle of inclination increases the volume, but contributes to the futility of your actions - the solution is mixed.Better not to overload the drum.Even if the working capacity has a large amount, do not fill it as.Use concrete mixer a few times in order to prepare the necessary amount of solution.Overloading the drum, you not only get a quality solution, but also to destroy the device.The instructions to the concrete mixer should be the permissible rate of the raw materials used.

Time of mixing the solution is not more than 3 minutes.Stirring over 3 minutes is not recommended, because in that case will be the so-called centrifuging the mixture, which negatively affect the quality of concrete or mortar.
Removal of the mass produced is included in the mixer drum by inclination.Clean regularly the mixer from the remnants of the mixture of rust, which can enter into the solution, not forgetting to pull the cord out of the network.To clear the working tank inside, roll it with water and gravel.Do not use hard tools, in any case do not tap the drum from the inside with stones, hammer, or, even worse, with a sledgehammer.Because of damage to the drum may deteriorate the quality of the solution.

When cleaning the outside of the drum try not to add water and switch the engine, as well as holes for ventilation motors.Use protective materials to prevent moisture from entering.After cleaning, remove the protective devices.
In no case can not cover motor housing, as will be broken cooling system, and if the engine overheats, turn off the mixer thermal switch automatically.After cooling again can be incorporated into network.

Try to take care of the instruments, especially to strangers or to rent, because that's caring attitude, not the builder's qualifications affect the durability of concrete mixers.The main reasons for calls to repair concrete mixers polls all manufacturers and brands - wear ";consumables';rucheykovyh drive and V-belts, drive gears and keys.

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