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Stationary concrete pumps and truck

Hand-held concrete mixers and concrete stretcher with gradually receding into the past.Concrete wear on the twelfth floor of the building under construction monolithic and there lay a concrete mix by hand, is not only extremely difficult but still ineffective and.Especially the choice of modern concrete-and concrete truck is impressive.

Chronologically, the first appeared stationary concrete pumps, which are now used in the construction of bridges, tunnels and high buildings.Their use is justified if the height concrete solution is greater than 5 meters.Their features;are stable, minimum operating costs, coupled with high performance unit and the quality of the transmitted concrete mass.The concrete mass is transferred to the construction sites of the Special Delivery line of different diameters that are suitable for use with concretes of high and low consistency.

Depending on your construction needs, concrete can produce the concrete at a rate of 20 to 80 cubic meters per hour.Modern stationary concrete pumps are manufactured in two variants:with diesel and electric motor.

Concrete Pump Concrete-pumping stations are located on the chassis.Here, the main advantage - mobility.If you move the tractor stationary device is required, the concrete pumps completely self-contained and easy to move between the various construction sites.

Concrete truck capacity, and hence the maximum speed at which they can transmit the concrete depends on the characteristics of the motor.Normally they have the capacity to 150 cubic meters per hour and pass the length of the concrete up to 200 and height to 70 meters! An additional advantage avtobetononasosnogo unit is its "mechanical hand" that can deliver concrete to every corner of the site.In addition, they are constantly stirred concrete solution, thereby improving the quality of concrete - if it has impurities, or it does not meet specifications, the first to react to it just pumps.

However, concrete and, especially, concrete pumps - very expensive.They are buying for small construction works are not always justified.Output in such a situation can serve as their rent. The company "Sawyer Auto" specializes in:/ / Avtobeton-pump.RF / list / Arenda-spectehniki / Arenda-avtobetononasosov-v-Moskve.html "> concrete truck rental.Always available, there are various models and configuration, so the customer can rent a truck meeting the objectives of its construction.

Concrete truck rental done in the shortest possible time, the minimum rental time in Moscow - 8:00.For long-term cooperation is the order at great discount prices.

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